Easybag™ Patent is finally for sale

Easybag allows the customer to carry more than one pizza at a time. It has a small storage room for various toppings, and even a secured slot for one soda bottle.

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We are Experts in Professional Pizza Delivery Solutions

Most of the complaints to pizza restaurants, comes from unhappy delivery customers. Based on technology developed for transportation of medical equipment in the US ARMY, we have developed a range of unique pizza delivery solutions that gives your restaurant benefits & advantages. Better food makes happier customers.

Benefits of the Easybag™

  • Extra visibility in areas close to the restaurant
  • Offer benefits your competitors don't have
  • Get extra attention with a new and trendy carrier bag
  • Less delivery and more takeaways
  • All in one - no extra bags needed for soda, sauces etc
  • The low cost will surprise you
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Professional Thermal Bags

Our professional thermal bags contains six specially designed layers, that both reflects heat and removes humidity from the pizza. No power supply or batteries needed.


Easybag helps the customer carry up to three pizza boxes, sausages and sodas with one hand. Makes the transportation easy, innovative and great for accessibility.

Personal Pizza Bag

Your own Personal Pizza Bag. Based on our patented technology, this bag holds two large pizzas, and allows you to transport the food safely and warm - all the way home.