The Story Behind our Company

Let me introduce A new concept that takes pizza bag and food delivery to a new level. 

My name is Øyvind, and I have been a major player in the pizza industry for many years. My interest in creating a new concept within take-away have been there for many years before Pizzabag was born.

Traditional bags are constructed to keep the heat inside the bag, and the food warm. This gives another challenge. It also traps humidity that makes pizza soft. We have solved this problem by creating a pizza bag that contains six specially designed layers, that both reflects heat and removes humidity. No power supply or batteries needed.

Our starting point was the development of thermal products related to the storage of medical equipment outside the hospital environment. This product concept was continued by an international company, but the experience and knowledge we had acquired we used to develop a new product concept related to the food industry. 

The product has been created over several years, and tested by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The test report can be provided to you on request.

We have also developed a new product that we call Easybag. With Easybag, you can carry two pizzas together with sauces and soda with one hand. Many years of insight into the pizza industry have shown me that pizza customers find it difficult to carry with them purchased pizza home.

The products are patented in Norway, the EU and the US.

Best regards
Øyvind Rossbach
CEO Pizzabag AS
+47 976 55 023 (08:00 – 22:00 CET)